Kerney & Associates

Our goal is to eliminate wasteful energy spending, decrease operational expenses and increase the value of our clients' assets.

Established by Patrick Kerney in 1992 as a commercial, mechanical and plumbing contractor, serving South Eastern Florida with offices in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. The company grew over the years with a reputation for successfully executing difficult mechanical retrofit projects for large institutions, hospitals and as a support service for HVAC OEM's. To expand the company offerings and diversify, Patrick established the Energy Consulting Services & Sustainability division in 2008. Around the same time, an opportunity presented itself to work with the Army Corps of Engineers in North Carolina. This led to our newest branch office in North Carolina, enabling us to service customers in the Southeastern United States.  

Kerney and Associates provides complete retrofit services from concept to completion. We are known for excellence in providing mechanical services to retrofit, new construction and service clients. Our reputation is one of trust, integrity and further value. Our goal is to eliminate waste, decrease expenses, and increase
the value of assets.