HVAC Safety In Florida, North Carolina And The Southeastern United States

Safe And Secure Commercial HVAC Repairs

Kerney & Associates commercial HVAC repairs help building managers maintain a healthy and safe environment at their industrial and commercial facilities. From gaming to education, our clients rely on our knowledgeable and experienced HVAC technicians to work safely with respect for the building and its occupants.

We view OSHA's regulatory requirements as the minimum starting point for our safety programs. This ensures that every Kerney associate has the tools, training and equipment to perform their job safely and accurately.

Safety Training For Commercial HVAC Services Involves:

  • Meeting and exceeding regulatory federal, state and local regulatory requirements

  • Maintaining OSHA compliance

  • Investing in continual education in a real-world, hands-on environment

  • Supplying real-time safety bulletins and training sessions

Kerney & Associates safety programs are industry leading, based on the national program administered by our parent company, Service Logic. They begin at hiring and continue throughout each team member's career, ensuring you reliable services and peace of mind.